Note on COVID-19

At this time, we're working via phone and video conference. If you'd like to inquire about therapy, please call us at 484-356-7964 or send us an email at



Our purpose is to create insight.

Mill House Psychotherapy offers individual in-depth talk therapy to adults, adolescents, and children suffering from a wide range of psychological, social, and emotional issues. Our purpose—our project so to speak—is to create insight and bring about authentic and enduring constructive change for our clients.


We believe in individual difference—the idea that all people are unique. So, what works in therapy for one person may not work for another, and vice versa. As such, we don’t proceed rigidly with a set approach based on a category of problems or diagnosis(es); rather, we relate to clients individually and holistically.


Whether you’re feeling stuck or depressed, struggling with the demands of work and family, grappling with anxiety, or something else, we can work together to explore your problems and issues, sift through your existential questions, and improve your sense of well-being.